Bhutan's Royal Wedding!

From the moment the King announced his wishes to marry Jetsun Pema, deemed a commoner by the media but from a noble family line, the people of Bhutan started rejoicing and preparing for the royal wedding. In spite of the king’s wishes to keep the wedding very small and private, the wedding ended up being a major event!



The much anticipated royal wedding celebrations lasted three days. The King and Queen were married in a traditional Bhutanese ceremony at the Punakha Dzong on October 13th, 2011. The King and Queen then returned to himphu on the night of October 14th and celebrated with the people in the capital city on October 15th.

Bhutan Royal Wedding

The royal couple spent most of their time talking to everyone starting from the people who had gathered around the Punakha Dzong and lined up alongside the road between Punakha and Thimphu, to all the people in Thimphu People from all over, including remote villages had hiked or walked to catch a glimpse of the royal couple and the royal couple made sure that these people didn’t go through all the trouble in vain. The King of Bhutan is happiest amongst his people. It is not in vain that he is called the People’s King. And he has found a queen who is equally dedicated to the people of Bhutan!

Bhutan King and Queen













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